Let me start with a pat on the head for my son, who is single-handedly responsible for the first time I started to knit. The story may have a happy ending, but it did not start the same way. I really had no real interest in knitting before the series of strange events, hosted by my son, that pushed me to spend at least an hour every day with the wool and a pair of needles.

I spare an hour daily for my knitting. If I could, I would skip some days so that I can rest. However, I cannot afford to have unfinished scarves and sweaters. Once, I decided to skip one day, which accumulated to two weeks and the effect was felt. Why would someone have to knit daily if not for commercial purposes? Well, this is how it all began.

One day, my son, who has learning difficulties, arrived home from school without his scarf. When I asked him where he had left it, he could not remember. So I just assumed that it was a one-time thing and gave him the TV remote to watch cartoons. He ran away, happy that no consequence had befallen him. Now looking back, I should have pressed for more answers. I soon came to regret my overlooking when winter stepped in. What followed was a series of sweater losing and scarf misplacing events. It was like talking to a trained spy who would rather have time out than confess. No matter how much I asked him about the issue, he did not give me an answer.

We tried to switch things up, for my husband to question him. He still stuck to his 'i don't know' story. Then one day, as I was cleaning up his room, I noticed something about his toys; they had attires that closely resemble scarves, socks and sweaters.

"Where did your toys get sweaters from?" I asked, trying not to sound angry. " I am sorry mummy, I just didn't want them to feel cold," he meekly replied. "Shouldn't one sweater be enough for all of them?" I still couldn't understand why. "If they do not change clothes, they will get dirty and fall ill." I still didn't understand what was happening to the rest of his clothes, so I asked. "I share them with Rachel." (Rachel is his baby crush from school).

I could have got really mad but I was happy he knew the consequences of being dirty. I was sure that I could not afford to go for warm-wear every winter so we agreed that I would knit for his toys and sometimes for Rachel, as long as he does not destroy his clothes. It was no longer tedious and after he has grown out of it, I planed to continue knitting, since I have come to like it!